The pilot episode of Hey Arnold!, simply called Arnold, was made in Fall 1993, produced in Spring 1994, and originally released on July 10, 1996, where it was shown in theaters before the movie, Harriet the Spy. It was released on VHS in 1997.


  • The pilot episode is based on the 1992 comic strip "Arnold Narrowly Avoids a Thrashing" and was later remade into the Season 1 episode "24 Hours to Live".
  • While the pilot itself was very well received, Harriet the Spy got panned in the reviews.
  • The animation in the pilot resembles that of Klasky Csupo's shows. This is because the pilot was animated by Anivision Inc., the same overseas animation studio that produced several episodes of Klasky Csupo's animated series'.
  • Harold's voice in the pilot is very different to his voice in the TV series. Justin Shenkarow went through voice changes between recording of the pilot and Season 1.
  • Helga's shouting to Arnold such as "Arnold?!" and "HEY, ARNOLD!", "MOVE IT, FOOTBALL HEAD!" were later re-used for the TV series' theme song.
  • Phoebe, Eugene and Park are not seen in the pilot, which could very well mean that they were created after the pilot was made.
  • Arnold and Gerald walk by a liquor store, despite the pilot being rated TV-G.
  • The pilot had more slapstick than the TV series.
  • Sometime after being released with Harriet the Spy, this short aired on television once during Nick in the Afternoon.
  • Several characters appear to be off model at times.



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