Pooter (c. 1924 - November 13, 1927) is a fictional animal character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series. 

He was a Scottish Terrier that Phil and Mitzi owned when they were kids, and whose death caused them to resenr each other.


Phil and Mitzi loved their dog very much and would spend time with him.

While Phil and Mitzi were playing in the backyard, Pooter dug a large hole and got out. Phil and Mitzi looked everywhere for Pooter and called his name. By the time they found him, he'd been hit by a Milk Truck. The twins took Pooter to the Vet, but it was too late and there was nothing he could do. Pooter was put to sleep on November 13, 1927. Phil and Mitzi buried Pooter in the back yard.

Phil and Mitzi blamed each other for Pooter's death and stop talking to each other for 71 years.

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