Pre-Teen Scream is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Phoebe wins a chance to meet her favorite singer-songwriter, Ronnie Matthews, only to find out that he doesn't really write or sing his own songs.


Several of the kids, and (And secretly Principal Wartz) are fans of famous pop star Ronnie Matthews, however, no one is a bigger fan than Phoebe Heyerdahl. A contest is held, for fans to write an essay on what they like about Ronnie, and Phoebe wins. She begs a reluctant Helga to join her, and the two set off. However, Ronnie turns out to not be the man Phoebe thought he was. In fact, Ronnie is only a handsome face, faking his way through the business for the money, but has no musical talent of his own, nor does he write any of his songs. Helga, however is impressed with this. After the evening is over, Phoebe is angry at Helga for making fun of her for liking Ronnie and how she was having a great time with him and how he's rich. However, Helga said its not her fault and reminded Phoebe that she was the one who begged Helga to go with her and saying how great Ronnie is. That's when Phoebe realize that Helga is right and saying it that it was stupid of her to be trick by Ronnie since the music and lyrics was so beautiful. Helga comforts a distraught Phoebe saying she's wasn't stupid because anybody can be fool by a handsome face even smart people like Phoebe. This cheers Phoebe up and Helga said that after thinking about it, Ronnie was kind of dorky and kept calling Phoebe and Helga the wrong names. They playfully call each other the wrong names and went back home.




  • Phoebe's garage door says "NO PARK HERE".
  • The return address on the envelope Principal Wartz sends says "RUR WARTS".
  • It's revealed in this episode that Nika's last name is Futterman, as an obvious reference to the actress of the same name.
    Hey arnold pic

    It appears as though Arnold is not wearing any pants.

  • Ronnie Matthews is an obvious reference to Milli Vanilli, when they got caught at the 1990 Grammys for lip-syncing and 9 months later had their Grammy revoked.[1] As with Ronnie admitting to Phoebe that he only had his pop star image fabricated for money, producer Frank Farian confessed to reporters that Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, two of the members who posed as vocals for the group, did not actually sing on the records.
  • Ronnie Matthews appears to be modelled after Latin pop singer Gerardo and the late Prince.


  • In the first minute of the episode, Arnold's pants take on the color of his skin, making it appear that he is wearing a skirt, or a pair of shorts or boxers. A split second later, his outfit returns to normal.
  • When Phoebe is wearing her hippie clothes, her feet don't have any toes.
  • Phoebe's hair band keeps changing from red to yellow.

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