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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Principal Simmons
Principal Simmons
Season 4, Episode 83b
Air date: April 5, 2000
Don Del Grande's

Principal Simmons is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Mr. Simmons becomes principal after Principal Wartz has one too many outbursts.

Harold kicks a small sapling in hunger and frustration. Mr Simmons tries to reason with Harold about why he should not do that, but is pushed aside by Principal Wartz who gives the boy a punishment far harsher than what the situation calls for. He then harshly punishes Rhonda for a small mistake of getting some paint on the floor. The superintendent then visits the school and witnesses Wartz yell and scream at Sid for throwing a paper airplane during an assembly and decides to confront Wartz about it. Principal Wartz takes this as a "full frontal attack" and is immediately angry with the superintendent and "tattle tale Simmons". He storms into his office and announces over the P.A. "You won't have Wartz to kick around anymore" and resigns.  The superintendent then offers Mr. Simmons the job and, after thinking about the positive ramifications of it, he accepts.

While initially happy to take the job, things soon spiral out of control. Without Wartz's discipline to balance Simmons's kindness, the student population takes control of the school, causing chaos. Arnold and Mr Simmons go to convince Principal Wartz to take his job back which (after doing a merry jig in his house) he stoically accepts.

The school soon returns back to normal and the harsh administrator learns he needs to be a touch softer in his approach. After seeing Harold flicking olives he tries talking to him about the problem instead of yelling and punishing. Principal Wartz and Mr. Simmons then look at each other and smile while Wartz pats Harold on the head.



  • One of the reasons why Mr. Simmons should be principal is because he's Teacher of the Year, but that doesn't happen until Season 5 in the episode "A Day in the Life of a Classroom".
  • At the part when Harold is holding the megaphone, 2 seconds later he is seen waving the flag yet you can still hear his voice on the megaphone.
  • At the end when Wartz told Harold to kindly clean up, Wartz had two pairs of eyebrows for a split second.

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