Principal Wartz is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is P.S. 118's principal. He's is a pretty good Karaoke singer, and is a strict, yet usually well-intentioned principal.

While often characterized as bumbling and barely-competent, or at other times childlike but benevolent, Principal Wartz has also been shown to have certain paranoid tendencies, often believing his students are out to get him in some way, or himself plotting to spy on or otherwise entrap them in wrongdoing. He is very harsh in his punishments of schoolyard wrongdoers. Although he seems to have softened up a bit, after he got into trouble for being to harsh with students (which caused him to temporarily quit).

These, among other mannerisms, seems to be a subtle reference to U.S. President Richard Nixon, who also spoke in a way similar to Wartz, and looked somewhat similar. Although one notable difference is that Wartz seems quite open with even students about his life and thoughts, while Nixon was extremely withdrawn, even to the point where close friends didn't call him by his first name.

He has lost one toe in an accident which caused him to stop playing hockey ("Hookey").


  • When Wartz was a kid, he squealed to the teacher about something his classmates did. As a result, he was given a gold star but became hated by his classmates. ("Full Moon")
    • His reputation as a snitch in elementary school followed him through high school and even college; he didn’t even have a date until he was 23 years-old.
  • He has several tiny toy animals that he enjoys playing with, as seen in Helga on the Couch.

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