Quantity Time is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


When Miriam finds out Big Bob and Helga are staying home during spring break, she decides to go visit her mother, and Big Bob and Helga are left doing the shopping and spending "quantity time" together.



  • In most baseball games the kids play, everybody bats left-handed, but Helga bats right-handed.
  • RATS, the Musical that Big Bob takes Helga to see is a parody of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS
  • Helga and Big Bob apparently both know how to play charades.
  • Gerald doesn't appear in both segments.


  • In this episode, Helga claims to hate corn, potatoes, lima beans, pork rinds, pigs feet, and smoked mackerel. However, she later eats pork rinds in "Helga Sleepwalks".  She also ate a potato in "Biosquare".
  • Helga is allergic to strawberries and will break out in hives if she eats them. However, in the episode "Road Trip" she tries to order a strawberry milkshake.
  • After the pony ride, Helga walks into her house with muddy hair and clothes. When she reaches her room and tells Bob to leave her alone, all the mud disappears.

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