We're Rats


Rats — we're rats —
We're furry and forlorn;
We live in sewers, love in sewers,
And our hearts are torn;
We laugh, we cry,
We sing in harmony;
I love her — but I love him —
And darn it, he loves me!
Ohhh...Rats Rats Rats Rats Rats!

We're Rats, Part 2


Nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble,
Underneath the grimy street;
What a dreary kibble life is;
What a bitter dish, defeat;
The rodent's life is pain,
Impotent and inane —
There's only one thing worse than Cats;
Rats — we're rats —
We're maudlin and repressed;
We live in sewers, love in sewers,
That's why we're depressed!
And oh, the pain,
We need to share with you,
And in three hours,
You're gonna feel it too!
Ohhh...Rats — Rats, Rats, Rats!

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