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Character on Hey Arnold!
Rabbi Goldberg
Rabbi Goldberg
Best friends
Voiced byElliot Gould

Rabbi Goldberg is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is shown to be kind and well meaning, such as in "Harold's Bar Mitzvah" he did not lose faith in Harold when he did not show up, and in "Harold the Butcher" he also told harold a story that when he was a kid he had a friend who admire a vest hanging in a talior shop it was a beautiful vest red velet with gold buttons he coveted that vest but didn't have the money to buy it and what happened is that his friend stole the vest and he was punished he had to work at the tailor shop learning how to cut,sew and stich so he would see how much work it takes to make a vest and he asked Mr. Green to let him work at the meat shop to help him make up for stealing a ham.

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