There is no way I'm going to recycle bottles and cans to pay for my lunch! (Scene changes; shows her digging through a dumpster)

Ernie Potts

I've always looked forward to my weekly shower. I've left a little backhair in the drain. Sorry. Might want to clean it out before you rubba-dub-dub. HAHAHA!!!!


Fine, I admit it. I'm poor, P-O-O-R POOR!!! I don't have nice new clothes anymore, I can't afford lunch or bus fare and now my family has to live well below earth sacreful comfort level in the dumping old boarding house, AHHHHH!!!!!


Rhonda, come on. Dinner's ready.


What's the point of eating when your poor? After all I'm only going to die of misery, anyway.


(after being flunged by the Murphy Bed in which Arnold puts her back down, seeing her in a tantrum) I HATE THIS BED!!! I HATE THIS STUPID PLACE!!!! AND I HATE BEING POOR!!!!! I only know how to be rich. Being rich is the one thing I'M REALLY GOOD AT!!!


Listen to yourself, Pathetic. I mean just because you're not rich anymore, doesn't mean you're a different person. You were Rhonda when you had money and you can still be the same Rhonda now that you don't. Unless being rich is all you're about.

Grandpa Phil

So welcome to the Sunset Arms. If you need any help, just ask Pooky. She's the brains of the operation. (sees Grandma in a conquisador's outfit chasing Abner) Pooky don't run, remember your hip. (hears something break) Too late.


I claim this dining room in the name of Spain (puts plate on the table). OLE!

Mr. Hyunh

(to possibly his daughter, he is seen in just a robe with a running nose) Goodbye. (coughs) I have a very bad chest cold. Very contagious. Need to make a call?


I never thought I'd seen the day. Rhonda Lloyd is broker than me.


55 Cents? Aw, they raised the bus fair another nickle.

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