Rich Guy is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series. This episode is referred to as Arnold and the Rich Guy on TV listings and production materials.


When Arnold stops a hockey puck from hitting a rich man, the man treats Arnold as "the son he's always wanted". Arnold is fine with this until he discovers the man actually does have a son of his own, and tries to help the two have a better relationship.



  • Mickey Kaline, Sr. retired in the episode "The Baseball".
  • We learn that Sammy Redmond owns Dino Land.
  • Sammy Redmond and Alan Redmond are voiced by Fred Willard and Miko Hughes respectively.
  • Running gags: Grandpa keeps mistaking the sinks for the toilets, and keeps trying to get a sack of money from Sammy Redmond. Also, Sammy coming up with a "million dollar idea".
  • Many past minor characters appear in the backgrounds in this episode.
  • Arnold, Sammy, and Alan go see Stamp!, a parody of the off-Broadway event Stomp!.
  • In Alan's room several images can be seen, these include the Statue of the Liberty with the New York skyline, the Grand Canyon, a close up of an arthropod, an island, and presumably the lighthouse from "Married" (the cliff is the same).
  • Sammy Redmond's red car appears to be based on a C1 Chevrolet Corvette.


  • Vic is sitting behind Arnold and Sammy Redmond when Sammy tells Arnold that he and Alan will never bond over anything. Immediately after that a batter gets a homerun and Sammy and Arnold stand up and cheer but, Vic is no longer behind them.


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