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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Rich Kid
Rich Kid
Season 3, Episode 44b
Air date: December 28, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Rich Kid is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Lorenzo joins the 4th grade class, and Arnold and the other kids teach him not to worry about schedules and appointments so much and to have fun.


  • Attending P.S. 118 marks the first time Lorenzo has been to a public school.
  • Lorenzo takes viola lessons, has capital stocks, and attends a junior investment club.
  • This episode was supposed to show Lorenzo as a new character, but he has already appeared in "Arnold's Room" and with the class in "Gerald's Tonsils".
  • Some people say that this episode should have been aired after "Dangerous Lumber" and "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country".

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