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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Road Trip
Road Trip
Season 3, Episode 54b
Air date: September 30, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Road Trip is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Helga is stuck going on a trip to South Dakota with her mother Miriam, who manages to lose their money and the directions, but saves the day by winning a mechanical bull-riding competition.


  • Helga plays (or had once played) soccer.
  • Miriam habitually leaves her purse on top of the car, causing her to lose it.
  • This episode features the original song, "We Got Tomorrow", co-written by the show's creator, Craig Bartlett
  • According to Miriam, she was a "a state bull-riding champion" when she was a girl.
  • Miriam mentions that when she was 15, it was the "Summer of Love," which was in 1967. This places her birth year around 1952.
  • The mechanic who is set to fix Miriam's car is based off of the main character Karl from the 1996 movie Sling Blade. The character is played by the director and screenwriter of the film, Billy Bob Thornton.


  • Helga orders a strawberry shake at Floyd's Restaurant, but in "Quantity Time" she said she was allergic to strawberries.
  • When Miriam and Helga are sleeping in The Wheeler Inn, Helga's nightdress is pink in one shot and white in another.

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