Robbie Fisher is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is Hillwood's Chinese Checkers champion.  He is also an old rival of Grandpa Phil, who caused him to retire from the game 40 years ago when he won the city's Chinese Checkers championship until they had their rematch in the episode "Steely Phil".  40 years later, Steely Phil finally defeated him when Robbie played the same trick to win 40 years ago and thought that Phil would be defeated once again by the same trick. However, Phil had gone over his defeat from that trick all those years ago and found a move that would result in a tie and Robbie didn't win. Even though it was a tie and he didn't technically lose, Robbie was devastated by not winning and treated it like a loss.

His name is based on the chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer.


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