Runaway Float is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga gets Big Bob to fund Arnold's parade float, but Bob turns it into a giant advertisement, and endangers all of the other kids in the process.


Arnold comes up with a great design for the 4th grade float: he designs an amazing scale model of the city. To make his idea come true, Helga talks her dad into funding the project in exchange for a little advertising. However, after seeing the float, Big Bob is not pleased that it doesn't promote his business enough and Nick Vermicelli orders the entire thing covered up with a giant paper-mâché beeper: this disillusions Arnold deeply, and he abandons the project. Helga is 'convinced' to go along with the marketing plan despite her worry for Arnold by being assured a place on the float. As the parade begins, the float, being top heavy and lacking aerodynamics, careens out of control as it heads toward City Hall. Arnold catches up with the float and pulls the emergency brake, stopping it just in time. The rough trip rips apart the giant beeper, revealing Arnold's original design, which is then promptly given the award for best float.



  • On international broadcasts, this episode is paired with "Part Time Friends", but in the US, it was first aired along with "Partners".
  • In an interview, Jim Lang said that the music for this episode's marching band was exceptionally difficult to make.
  • According to Arnold, City Hall is sort of crooked.
  • Helga has an allowance.
  • Gerald watches a Wall Street show.
  • When Big Bob is going over his plans for funding the float, he mentions he could get free flowers from the mortuary. Macabre!
  • Torvald's mother is one of the judges.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Arnold hugs Helga.
  • Sid is afraid of bees.


  • While in the float's garage, the background changes to the school for about 2 seconds.
  • One part of Nadine's spider-like hair is missing when the kids stop working and showing her close-up, and it suddenly reappears when she starts to speak.
  • Iggy's hair was black (instead of brown) when Big Bob started to redesign the float
  • Mayor Dixie was wearing a white suit on her first appearance of the parade, and for the rest it is brown.
  • When Arnold rides the bicycle past the float, Nadine is shown with brown hair and Iggy's sweatshirt on top is yellow.
  • Sam Gifaldi wasn't listed in the credits for voicing Sid. That's why he already receieved credit on Part Time Friends, which was on the international airing versions.
  • While the marching band passes, Arnold turns his head two times. After the second, his right eye remains visible in his hair.
  • When Big Bob was talking about redesigning the float, Joey has blond hair and white skin.
  • After the float starts losing control, Helga is wearing her normal clothes for one brief shot.
  • In a few shots, the float's platform is light blue instead of orange.
  • As Arnold goes into the interior of the float and Big Bob asks where he went, he and Nick Vermicelli are shown to be on the float. However, instead of being on the float's platform, the scene shows them to be on the street (the median lines are visible beneath them).
    • A similar error happens right after Arnold stops the float.
  • When the Big Bob's Beepers float goes fast because of the wind, Helga has her regular clothing on her instead of her Beeper Costume.
  • Right before Arnold jumps onto the float, Eugene's hair goes missing and then comes back.
    No hair Eugene
  • In the moments before Arnold and Gerald see the beeper float come down the street Arnold turns his head from the right to the left but his right eye stays in place and can be seen through his hair. 


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