Save the Tree is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold and the gang must stop Big Bob from chopping down the oldest tree in town.


The kids are proud of their tree house built in the branches of Mighty Pete, the oldest (and only) tree in the neighborhood. They are confident that the tree will be there forever — until Big Bob announces that Mighty Pete will cut down and build a beeper center on its place. Friday the 16th is the day.

Arnold wants to fight for the rescue of the tree but his friends don't believe that kids could do anything about it. To help Arnold, Helga tries to persuade her father not to chop the tree down without success. Reluctantly she decides to be on his side this time. When Arnold tells his grandparents about Bob's plan, Grandma is immediately willing to help him. The next day they visit the city hall together but there they don't get any help. So they put posters on the walls and hand out fliers. Subsequently Grandma (in her hippie costume) and a few kids march in front of Big Bob's house. But he doesn't really care.

The night before Friday, Arnold can't sleep and decides to go for a walk to see Mighty Pete one last time. There he unexpectedly encounters his classmates who couldn't sleep either. Together they climb into the tree house. Soon Bob and Nick Vermicelli arrive to bulldoze the tree at exactly 12:01 AM on Friday the 16th. Arnold explains to them that the kids are not coming down. To Arnold's surprise even Helga joins them. Nick is not impressed at all and steers the bulldozer in the direction of the tree to scare the kids and make them leave the tree. Bob wants to stop Nick because he doesn't want Helga to get hurt and starts to punch him. In the heat of the moment both of them fall off the bulldozer which continues to move towards the tree with no driver. The kids start throwing all the furniture onto it to stop it but without success. Just when they are going to give in and flee, suddenly Grandma appears in a Tarzan costume. She swings from a liana, lands on the bulldozer and manages to stop it in the nick of time.

So Bob decides not to cut down the tree instead he plans to build his beeper center on Gerald Field. Arnold and the gang then run after Bob and tell him that he can't do that.




Save the Tree cel

A cel from the episode.

  • Arnold ends up having to save Mighty Pete again, along with the rest of the neighborhood, in Hey Arnold! The Movie.
  • Big Bob likes sitcoms.
  • While watching his sitcoms, Big Bob laughs and says "...These crazy situation comedies...". However, in the german dubbed version of this episode he says "...diese schrecklich nette Familie ist wirklich schrecklich komisch...!", which loosely translated means "...this terrible family, truly is terribly funny...!". So Big Bob apparently watches "Married... with children" in the German episode. "Eine schrecklich nette Familie" being the German name for this particular US sitcom.
  • This episode showcases some of Big Bob's more ruthless nature, as well as his kind of detachment from the world, as he states 'I put a lot of thought in this location, there's always lots of people hanging around there, under that tree.' He seems to miss the fact that the reason people hang around the area is for the tree and not the actual location.
  • According to Grandma, Mighty Pete is a 700 year-old tree.
    • Also, according to Grandpa, he was the one to put indoor plumbing in the tree, and spent most of his honeymoon in the treehouse.
  • Hillwood has a Department of Trees and Shrubbery.
  • This episode aired after the first episode of South Park on Comedy Central.
  • Sid's pajamas include a yellow version of his usual hat. In later episodes Sid's pajamas are usually light green.
  • This is the first of two episodes to air in 3D Nogglevision, Nickelodeon's week-long event where viewers can experience their favorite shows in Chromadepth 3D.


  • The Federal Office of Information previously seen in "Arnold's Christmas" is depicted as being city hall.
  • In some scenes, Sid has a full head of hair as opposed to his stringy hair.
  • Dan Castellaneta was not credited for voicing Nick Vermicelli.
  • Using a bulldozer is not the correct way to get rid of a giant tree, especially when there are buildings around the tree that it can fall on.
  • There's apparently indoor plumbing within the treehouse, however, there's no pipes around or near the tree, which would be needed to move water in and out of the tree.  It's possible that Phil's generation put the pipes in around the tree and the tree grew around the pipes, which is possible for a tree in atleast 70 years time, though it makes it very hard to change out the pipes if something happens to them.  (They also would be lead pipes if from Phil's time, which typically isn't healthy for trees or kids.)

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