School Play is a special half-hour episode of Hey Arnold!.


Mr. Simmons hosts the annual School Play and decides that the kids should do Romeo & Juliet. When Helga overhears that Arnold will be Romeo and there will be a kissing scene, she tries to get the part of Juliet, but can only manage to get 4th understudy.




Curly with Harold School Play cel

A cel from the episode.

  • First half-hour episode that is not holiday themed.
  • It's revealed that Mr. Simmons taught 3rd grade the previous year.
  • Helga takes constipation medicine.
  • This episode had a special ending credits theme composed by Jim Lang.
  • At the end of the credits, this episode has a special thanks dedicated to William Shakespeare.
  • Jessica Sodd (the voice of Marcy, the girl who read the play's prologue) got the part by winning a "Kraft Cheese & Crackers" contest, the grand prize of which was a trip to Los Angeles and a part on the show.
  • It's interesting that Helga had to confess her love for Arnold to Lila to get the part of Juliet, while she went through the trouble of scaring Phoebe into dropping out, despite Phoebe (presumably) already knowing her secret.Though it's possible that Helga simply hadn't told Phoebe her secret at this point in the series.
  • This was the first time Arnold and Helga kissed in the series. It however wouldn't be the last, as they kissed again in "Summer Love" (while performing a mouth-to-mouth scene), and later in Hey Arnold! The Movie.


  • Nadine's shoes are white when the girls are looking at the call backs.
  • When Helga drops the book of lines at Phoebe's house it disappears.
  • In the first scene, after Helga forces Arnold to go away; while Arnold leaves, the cashier aunt's body is invisible through the glass on the table.
  • On opening night, Leichliter's lips don't move when Mr. Simmons turns around towards him.
  • Romeo and Juliet actually kiss several times before the death scene.

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