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Episode of Hey Arnold!
School Play
School Play
Season 3, Episode 59
Air date: March 8, 1999
Don Del Grande's

School Play is a special half-hour episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Mr. Simmons hosts the annual School Play and decides that the kids should do Romeo & Juliet. When Helga when listening in a public restroom hears that Arnold will be Romeo and there will be a kissing scene, she tries to get the part of Juliet, but can only manage to get 4th understudy.


School Play Ending Credits00:51

School Play Ending Credits

"School Play Ending Credits" by Jim Lang

Curly with Harold School Play cel

A cel from the episode.

  • Helga has another long kissing scene with Arnold in the episode "Summer Love".
  • We learn that Mr. Simmons taught 3rd grade the previous year.
  • Helga takes constipation medicine.
  • In this episode, Helga confesses to Lila her secret crush on Arnold. She is one of the three people who know about it, the other two being Phoebe and Dr. Bliss.
  • This episode also had its own ending credits theme composed by Jim Lang.
  • As of 2010, there have been 44 different film versions of Romeo & Juliet worldwide. The first being produced in France in 1900.
  • This is Phillip Van Dyke's last episode to voice Arnold due to puberty. Spencer Klein takes over the role afterwards.
  • It's interesting that Helga had to confess her love for Arnold to Lila to get the part of Juliet, while she went through the trouble of scaring Phoebe for the role, despite Phoebe already knowing her secret.
  • This was the first time Arnold and Helga kissed in the series, it however would be the last as they kissed again in Summer Love (although it was mouth-to-mouth), and later in Hey Arnold!: The Movie.
  • This is the last episode in the series to utilize traditional cell animation, in Season 4 and onwards the animation was digital.


  • Nadine's shoes are white when the girls are looking at the call backs.
  • When Helga drops the book of lines at Pheobe's house it disappears.
  • Helga screams a bit too late after stabbing the knife in the play.
  • In the first scene, after Helga forces Arnold to go away; while Arnold leaves, the cashier aunt's body is invisible through the glass on the table.
  • On opening night, Leichliter's lips don't move when Mr. Simmons turns around towards him.

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