I have to learn so many lines.

Mr. Hyunh

I will help you, Arnold.


You, Mr. Hyunh?

Mr. Hyunh

Yes. I am very dramatic!


That's a polite word for what you are.

Helga (Trying to scare Sheena)

You know about the end, right? She's in a crypt, you know, a mausoleum, full of dead rotting corpses and bats. (Getting steadily creepier) And then she takes this big, sharp, rusty dagger... and she holds it up high over her head... and then (Feigns stabbing herself and gasping in pain) Oh, it's great. Real bloody, violent stuff.

Helga (Mutters quietly)

I like Arnold.


Pardon? I couldn't hear you.

Helga (Mutters slightly louder, but faster)

I like Arnold.


I'm sorry, Helga, you're mumbling.

Helga (Practically screams to her face)

I...LIKE...ARNOLD. (Pants) I'm head over heels, hook, line, and sinker, over the moon, loop-de-loop, wow and toot!. I'm in love with the boy!. (Pants) Happy now? Happy?

Lila (Stares at her, then smiles cooly)

I've kinda had a funny feeling you liked him.

Mr. Hyunh

Why can't you act like a normal person?


Me? What about you? You're wearing a dress!

Mr. Hyunh (to Arnold)

Now I believe you should be Romeo. And I will be Juliette!

Helga (acting)

Go, get thee hence, for I will not away...

Sid (also acting)


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