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Hey Arnold!: Season 1
HeyArnold! Season 1
DVD cover

Executive Producer

Craig Bartlett


Jim Lang

Hey Arnold! Season 1 is the first season of the Hey Arnold! series. It features 48 quarter-hour episodes and 2 half-hour specials.

Production order-wise, this season is the largest season of the series. Episodes from this season are distinguishable from later episodes due to the Games Animation Inc card at the end.



  • In the US, Nickelodeon aired only 20 out of the 26 episodes produced for this season as part of it. Episodes 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26 were held over until near the end of Season 2 in late 1997, and episode 19 was held over until 1998, and was aired as part of Season 3.
    • Other countries saw all 26 episodes aired.
  • This season looks noticeably different from later seasons in the animation department. The animation itself is of somewhat lower quality, and many characters look much different and less detailed. (For example, Helga's pigtails are thinner compared to later episodes.)
    • The animation improved as the season went on. The last third of the season looks considerably different from the rest of it.
  • Besides the animation, several other things in this season aren't present in later seasons, such as Arnold's daydreaming tendencies.
  • There exists two versions of episodes 19 and 26. The "alternate" versions have "Part Time Friends" paired with "Runaway Float", and "Biosquare" paired with "Partners". These versions aren't available through either physical or digital means, but have been aired on television, particularly on other countries.

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