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Hey Arnold!: Season 2
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Jim Lang

Hey Arnold! Season 2 is the second season of the Hey Arnold! series. The season features 26 quarter-hour episodes and only one half-hour special.

This season features Phillip Van Dyke replacing Toran Caudell as Arnold's voice actor. (Although Caudell himself was still involved in the show, providing the voice of Wolfgang) Another major change is that starting this season, Sae Rom Productions handled the overseas animation services.



  • Despite only having 14 half-hours produced for it, this season aired 19 half-hours. The remaining 5 half-hours were Season 1 episodes that weren't aired earlier for some unknown reason.
  • A deviation between production order and airing order caused an inconsistency: Miss Slovak made her last appearance in "Arnold Saves Sid", but that episode was aired after "New Teacher", which established that she retired from teaching.

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