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Hey Arnold!: Season 3
HeyArnold! Season 3
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Executive Producer

Craig Bartlett


Jim Lang

Hey Arnold! Season 3 is the third season of the Hey Arnold! series. It includes 34 quarter-hour episodes and 3 half-hour specials.



  • Strangely, despite being produced as part of this season, "Parents Day" was held over for over a year and aired in 2000, as part of Season 5.
  • A deviation between production order and airing order caused a continuity error: "Rich Kid" was supposed to introduce Lorenzo as a new character, but by the time that episode was aired, he had already made appearances in "Gerald's Tonsils" and "Arnold's Room".
  • During its original run in 1998-1999, this season aired 20 half-hours. Out of those 20, 19 of them were episodes made for Season 3, and the remaining half-hour was episode 19, produced back in Season 1. It's unclear why that early episode was held over for so long.

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