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Hey Arnold!: Season 5
HeyArnold! Season 5
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Craig Bartlett


Jim Lang

Hey Arnold! Season 5 is the fifth and final season of the Hey Arnold! series. It includes 32 quarter-hour episodes, 2 half-hour episodes, and one hour-long special.

Despite being released separately, Hey Arnold! The Movie is also considered part of the season.



  • Season 5 consists of 20 half-hours, but a total of 24 were aired in the US as part of the season. This is because three episodes from Season 4 (75, 77 and 80) and one episode from Season 3 (Parents Day) were held over for unknown reasons.
  • The last two episodes of the series, "April Fool's Day" and "The Journal", were written and produced in 2001, a year after the rest of the season and the movie. This is because episodes 98-100 were originally going to be the three half-hours of the TV movie Arnold Saves the Neighborhood; but when the TV movie was selected for a theatrical release under the title of Hey Arnold! The Movie, Nickelodeon ordered three more half-hours to fill in the gap in the production schedule, which were turned into these two episodes.
    • As a result of being produced separately at a later date, these two episodes share a few differences with the rest of the episodes of the season; namely featuring Alex D. Linz as the voice of Arnold, improved animation quality, and a different tone of yellow for the title and opening credits.
  • Although "The Journal" was the last episode produced and is the last episode chronologically, it wasn't the last episode aired in the U.S. Four episodes were held over and aired over the next two years. (97, 88, 95 and 94, in that order.) However, in several other countries, "The Journal" was the final episode aired.

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