Sid's Revenge is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Principal Wartz gives Sid detention for an offense he did not commit, so Sid attempts to get revenge by making a voodoo soap doll of Principal Wartz. After several incidents appear to indicate that his revenge doll has caused Wartz's death, Arnold tries to convince him that they were nothing but a series of coincidences.



  • There is a plaque of some kind on the desk of the hospital attendant that reads: Remember, THEY Are the Sick Ones.
  • Principal Wartz's favorite variety of ice cream is pistachio.
  • Mr. Simmons rides a purple motorcycle with flower stickers, which is seen in his parking space.
  • This is the first episode to point out how Sid is noticeable due to his "Go-go" boots.  In "Monkeyman!", we learn that Sid's boots are in fact Beatle boots.
  • Sid appears to be quite skilled at carving.
  • The song that Principal Wartz sings briefly is "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas".


  • When Sid first carves Wartz' nose into the soap, it is facing to the right, but the completed Wartz doll has its nose facing to the left. It switches back to facing right after Sid tries to confess at the police station.
  • Arnold's pants and hat were missing at the police station in one frame, but return when the lady at the desk begins to walk to the door.
  • It is highly unlikely that Sid's use of a revenge soap doll would be in violation of school policy, as Wartz claims.
  • Sid's clothes disappears after he puts on his towel.

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