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Sid the Vampire Slayer is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


After watching a horror film, Sid notices that Stinky has the attributes of being a vampire.


The episode opens with Arnold, Sid and Stinky watching a vampire movie at the movie theater. After they leave the theater, Sid becomes paranoid and scared of vampires. Stinky then pretends that he's a vampire and frightens Sid. Sid is then told by Arnold and Stinky that vampires aren't real before he heads to his house. That night Sid has a nightmare where he's chased by Stinky as a vampire which ends with Stinky biting him in the neck.

The next day at school, Sid begins to notice "strange" things with Stinky such as him wearing sunglasses, turning down garlic bread at lunch and him being interested in a blood drive, causing Sid to be convinced that he is a vampire. He tries to tell Arnold about Stinky being a vampire, but he does not believe him.

Sid later checks out a book from the library about vampires and finds out that vampires have no reflection. He then takes a picture of Stinky (who bends down), Sid then shows Arnold the picture but Arnold does not believe him. He later steals Stinky's sandwich and believes that he found fang marks however, Arnold still does not believe him.

Later that night, Sid sneaks onto Stinky's property, Stinky then hides the window curtains and a bat flies down from Stinky's bedroom towards Sid. He then brings the bat (thinking it's Stinky) to school the next day in a cage to show Arnold. Arnold then releases the bat from its cage, causing Sid to freak out.  



  • This episode gained minor controversy and misconception when Stinky said to Sid, "Quit acting like a dang fool!" Several people thought he said, "Stop being a damn fool!".
  • This was the first episode to feature Stinky with Christopher Walberg's deeper voice.
  • Ernie Potts makes a cameo in the horror film at the beginning.
  • Sid pulled Arnold into the janitor's closet, just like in the episode "Sid's Revenge"
  • In the end, it is shown that Stinky might actually be a vampire. However, it was likely a joke.
  • The title is a parody of the movie and the WB/UPN TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which ran on March 10, 1997 to May 20, 2003.
  • In the movie theater, Miss Felter is sitting behind Stinky and Tish is sitting behind Sid
  • When Arnold and Sid watch Stinky get into what they mistake is a coffin, Sid unintentionally makes a pun.
  • The man in the movie telling the civilians to kill the vampire is modeled after Peter Cushing who appeared in the Hammer Dracula movies (among many other Hammer films, most notably the Frankenstein films) alongside Christopher Lee.
  • The vampire in the film says, "I vant to suck your blood.", a quote often attributed to, but never actually said by, Bela Lugosi's interpretation of Dracula.


  • When the lunch lady says "garlic bread Stinky?", her mouth doesn't move.
  • In the lunch line beside Brainy, Joey has the same blue pants white shirt outfit as Eugene (minus the underwear) and even has the same orange hair color and white skin as Eugene.
  • At lunch, both Harold's shirt and arm are shown to be different colors than what they are. Harold's shirt is a different skin tone and his shirt is shown green with a red stripe on the sleeve. In the same scene Eugene is shown without his socks and Lorenzo is off model.

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