Steely Phil is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold's Grandpa enters the Chinese checkers tournament against Robbie Fisher, the man who beat him at the game 40 years ago.


  • Phil and Gertie sleep in different beds.
  • Phil had studied and practiced Chinese Checkers for 30 years prior to his defeat 40 years ago.
  • "Robbie Fisher" and "Boris Slasky" are parodies of Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, who were world chess champions in 1972-75 and 1969-72.
  • During the training scene, Grandpa runs up a flight of stairs and celebrates at the top towards the city. A parody of the scene in the movie, Rocky.
  • Grandpa tells Arnold "turns out I had another move, only I didnt see it, I was too worried about winning, If I had moved my last marble back instead of forward, I would have stalemated Fischer and it would have been a tie". This is a reference to the 1997 rematch game Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue in which during Game 2, Kasparov became so frustrated because of the new chess A.I. that he resigned one of the games, later post-game analysis indicated that Kasparov could have drawn the game with a perpetual check.


  • Chinese Checkers is supposed to be with ten pieces per side, not six.
  • In the flashback finals, Robbie Fisher started off with nine marbles.
  • Grandpa's robe was on his bed, but when he picked it up it was on Grandma's bed.
  • When Grandpa wakes up Arnold during the night it's 3:02am, but the sky almost looks like early daybreak.
  • The digits on Arnold's clock get bigger and change shape while he's talking to Grandpa.
  • Arnold and Grandpa were talking for a couple of seconds over a minute but the time was still 3:02am.
  • Robbie Fisher's mustache briefly disappears when he says, "What are you talking about?"

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