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Character on Hey Arnold!
Stinky Peterson
Occupation-4th Grade Student
-Former Yahoo Soda Spokeskid
FamilyStinky's father
Stinky's grandmother
Stinky's grandfather
Uncle Stinky
Stinky's mother
Stinky's aunt
Stinky's cousin
Best friendsSid
Relationships-Had crush on Helga
-Dated Gloria
Voiced byChristopher P. Walberg
Toran Caudell

Stinky Peterson is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Stinky is best known for two things: his Southern drawl, and his constant use of the words "bites" (usually with "this" or "this really" put before it) and "I reckon" put before his opinion. He's also the class "ladies' man"; he's claimed to be in love with Helga, Gloria (both in Helga's Boyfriend), and Lila (in Ms. Perfect). He lives in a home which can best be described as a cabin.

Stinky has shown to maintain his principles over power or profit; he turned down a chance to make a million dollars as the Yahoo Soda "spokeskid" because he realized they only wanted him because people would gawk at his "hick" ways. Additionally, he has some talents, which include growing large pumpkins and playing the Alpenhorn (School Dance). Note that "Stinky" is his real first name. His last name has been spelled "Petersen" and "Peterson," but he spelled it with an "O" in Stinky's Pumpkin. As revealed in Helga's Show, he has a love for lemon pudding. In Arnold Betrays Iggy, its revealed he tells his classmates every morning why lemon pudding is his favorite pudding.



Stinky's mother and father in "On The Lam."

Stinky's family consists of his parents, his Uncle Stinky, his Aunt Stinky, and his grandparents, who are most likely deceased. His mother is only shown twice in the series (see On the Lam and Parents Day).

Squeaky Peterson, who can be seen in the episode False Alarm, is presumably Stinky's cousin. The fact that Stinky has a cousin was mentioned in the episode Fighting Families.


Helga Pataki

Stinky had a crush on Helga in "Helga's Boyfriend". The relationship started out with Helga paying Stinky a Mr. Nutty candy bar a day to make Arnold jealous. After Stinky messed up in his date with Helga in the library, the skating rink, and the park, Helga decided she had enough of Stinky and fired him. Stinky then realized he liked her and hoped she would like him back.


After Stinky realized his chances of getting back together with Helga were nil, he decided to pursue other girls. Gloria, as we found out, is Stinky's date at the movie theater. They met at the drinking fountain and she looks like the polar opposite of Helga (polite, smiling, etc.).

Gloria's first appeared in Helga's dream sequence during the episode The Magic Show.

Lila Sawyer

Like most of the boys on the show, he has a crush on Lila.

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