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Character on Hey Arnold!
Stinky's father
Stinky's father
FamilySon Stinky
Stinky's mother
Uncle Stinky
Aunt Stinky
Stinky's Grandfather
Stinky's Grandmother
Best friendsUnknown
Voiced byDom Irrera
Maurice LaMarche

Stinky's Father is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Early Life

Stinky's father was born on his family's farm in Arkansas. As a child, he had a pet turkey named "Lurkey"; the turkey was later slaughtered and served as Thanksgiving dinner.

Growing up on a farm left Stinky's father with plenty of knowledge about farming. In the episode, "Stinky's Pumpkin", he teaches Stinky how to raise vegetables, eventually presenting him with Grandfather Stinky's garden hoe. Stinky's father is a stereotypical hillbilly. His given name is not mentioned, but it is possible that, like his son and brother, his name is "Stinky".

Present Day

Stinky's father is a taxidermist, and it can be assumed that he and his brother, Uncle Stinky, run the business from their shack. He is married, although his wife is only seen in two episodes, "On The Lam" and "Parents Day."

Appears in

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