Stinky's father is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Early Life

Stinky's father apparently grew up on his family's farm in Arkansas. As a child, he had a pet turkey named Lurkey, who was ultimately served as the main course at Thanksgiving dinner.

Growing up on a farm left Stinky's father with a fair amount of knowledge about farming. In "Stinky's Pumpkin", he teaches Stinky how to raise vegetables, eventually presenting him with his father’s "magic hoe". Stinky's father is a somewhat stereotypical hillbilly. His given name is not mentioned, but it is possible that, like his son and brother, his name is "Stinky".

Present Day

Stinky's father is a taxidermist, and it is possible that he and his brother, Uncle Stinky, run the business from their shack. Stinky’s father is married, although his wife is only seen in two episodes: "On the Lam" and "Parents Day".

Appears in

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