Stinky's Pumpkin is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Stinky doesn't believe he's good at anything, but when he enters a crop-growing contest, he ends up growing a pumpkin the size of a small building.


  • Even though his family is from Arkansas, Stinky was born in Hillwood ("born-and-bred" as he describes himself).
  • A "special thanks" was given to Lisa Groening, who is sister to The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, and is also married to Hey Arnold! creator, Craig Bartlett.
  • It is implied that Stinky is religious due to him talking with a "Mystical Disembodied Voice" (an allegory for God) in his dream.
  • The Mystical Disembodied Voice saying, "If you plant them they will grow" is a reference to the film Field of Dreams.
  • The photo of Stinky's parents is modeled after the Grant Wood painting American Gothic.
  • Arnold's version of "Shenandoah" on the mouth organ is heard while Stinky plants the pumpkin seeds.
  • The "Mythical Disembodied Voice" is voiced by Tony Jay, who also voiced Rex Smythe-Higgins.



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