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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Stinky Goes Hollywood
Stinky Goes Hollywood
Season 3, Episode 43a
Written by: Steve Viksten
Air date: September 14, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Stinky Goes Hollywood is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Stinky becomes the new Yahoo Soda poster child, but gives it up when it's revealed that he was hired as a joke.


Arnold and his friends are reading a billboard advertising that they're looking for the next Yahoo soda spokeskid. Everyone is excited to try out for the part, auditions are being held in an auditorium. Stinky is seen outside his home with a ball-in-cup game, trying to get it in. Arnold offers him a chance to go there and try-out. However, Stinky declines, saying that he is not really special in any way - he's just normal. Arnold convinces him to come, and they watch the auditions. All of them are rejected (including Oskar who is posing as a young kid). The talent scout notices Stinky has not tried out, and tells him that he's not an actor, but Arnold encourages him to do it. Stinky goes on the stage and says it normally, and was asked to repeat it a second time. They have made their decision, Stinky Peterson is the new Yahoo-soda spokeskid!

At the studio, Arnold and Stinky are waiting for Stinky's cue to go on stage. He then proceeds to film the commercials on a ranch, in a library, and in a boxing ring. Rhonda, Sid, Harold, and Helga are staring at the billboard with Stinky's Yahoo-soda. Stinky was invited to be on Revis' and Jackie Lee's show and was given a short interview on how he came to fame.

Outside the studio, the kids are excited to see Stinky come out, Rhonda even asks for an autograph and everyone gets excited over seeing it. Arnold offers him an invite to the arcade, but he has to go to the studio to shoot more stuff. A limo drives up to pick up Stinky, and he tells Arnold to come by the studio at 5:00 pm.

They walk through the studios, Stinky talking about how he's finally getting used to being a star and that it's easy. They pass by a green curtain and hear the talent scouts talking about Stinky. They overhear that it was just a ploy to find the "dopiest sounding kid" and "the worst actor". Arnold tries to explain to Stinky that maybe it's just a misunderstanding, but Stinky becomes sad and tells Arnold that he's just a "nothing".

Stinky is throwing a red ball against the wall and catching it. He notices the billboard with his picture on it advertising. He then throws the ball on the ground and stomps off. Back at his house, they're trying to get Stinky to sign the million dollar contract, his father practically begging for it. However, Stinky's decided to take his pride over the million dollars, but his friends watching outside think he's an idiot for what he did.

The following day, Arnold and Stinky (with his ball-in-cup toy) are in the park talking about what happened. They see one of the billboards being covered with white paint. Stinky mentions that he is special because he turned down a million dollar contract just to hang on to something even more important, his pride ("1 million dollars worth"). He then manages to get the ball in the cup, and smiles. They walk down the path, Stinky mentioning some things that he could become, and Arnold replies with "maybe".



  • Stinky films most of his commercials at Snee-Oosh Studios.
  • A poster for The Abdicator is seen while Arnold and Stinky walk around the studios. He features in the episode "Eugene Goes Bad".
  • Stinky starring in commercials and rising to fame is a similar story to that of the late Jim Varney. An American actor, voice artist, and comedian who was best known for his role as Ernest P. Worrell. He was used in numerous television commercial campaigns and movies in the following years, giving Varney fame worldwide.
  • The background showing Arnold, Gerald, Ernie, Mr. Hyunh and Oskar watching TV from "Arnold's Halloween" is re-used in this episode.
  • The show Stinky appears on with "Revis and Jackie Lee", is a reference to the popular American syndicated morning talk show Live! with Regis and Kathie lee.
  • When Stinky is walking down the street, he passes a store called Big 3 Sports. This is a reference to the sports store Big 5 Sporting Goods.
  • Stinky says, "They like me, Arnold. They really like me.", a reference to a misquote said by Sally Field when she accepted her Oscar. She actually said, "You like me, right now, you like me!"

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