Synchronized Swimming is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Coach Wittenberg talks the boys into forming a synchronized swimming team, though they think it's for girls.


  • The first scene of this episode uses the same music as the first scene in the episode "Downtown as Fruits". And the scene of Arnold and Gerald jumping into the pool and the still of Connie and Maria are taken from the episode "6th Grade Girls".
  • The line, "Wayne! Wayne! Come back Wayne!" is an homage to the final line of the 1953 western film Shane. Whereas Wayne is the name of the horse in the film Coach Wittenberg sees, Shane is the name of the cowboy in the aforementioned 1953 film.
  • The FOX animated sitcom Bob's Burgers got the same title from this episode.
  • The Judges were Rex Smythe-Higgins, Mayor Dixie, and Peter.
  • When Coach Wittenberg is talking to the children about the movie that made he and his brother cry, you can see Harold holding his stuffed alligator Wally, first shown in the episode Ransom.
  • This episode has had some minor controversy online with the last few minutes of the episode.



  • Sid mysteriously vanishes when the boys are removing their jackets leaving a blank space between Harold and Stinky, and reappears when they dive into the pool.
  • Gerald and Stinky's boots turned black when they took their jackets off.
  • The jackets disappear once it shows the stars on the back of Eugene's speedo.
  • Lila's dress is usually green, but watching the boys swim it's blue.
  • The judges were not there the second time they showed Eugene and Harold sunk.



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