The Flood is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Mr. Simmons's class gets stuck at PS 118 during a flood, and the kids have a fight and start to get a little restless. Arnold tries to pull the class together and work as a team. It all works out at the end when the class both pull Mr. Simmons, who was stuck on a near broken ladder, and Helga, who was pulled down with him after trying to help pull him back up with her hands.




  • In this episode, Arnold shows possible feelings toward Helga when she falls from the window and he screams "NOOOOOO!!!!!" while Helga screams "Arnold!"
  • It is revealed that Oskar can't swim.

Cultural References

  • While the kids realize Mr. Simmons dangles helplessly from the ladder, he can be heard singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
  • As seen in the greenhouse, Phil's rescue raft is named "Titanic". Ironic, considering that the Titanic is famous for sinking.
  • At the end of the episode, Principal Wartz sings "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans", apropos of nothing. Coincidentally, this episode was made several years before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.
  • The episode may have been inspired by the 1996 Willamette Valley Flood in Portland.


  • The greenhouse from "Biosquare" appears again, rebuilt.
  • Mr. Simmons is singing the song from the play "Rats" from the episode "Quantity Time".


  • Grandpa Phil claims to have remembered a flood with his father in the year 1916. However, in the episode "Grandpa's Birthday", he is turning 81 years old. Considering the series' earliest release date was 1996, Phil couldn't have remembered the flood because he wouldn't have been born yet, or he was one year of age at the most. Additionally, Grandpa adds that he may be confusing this flood with the biblical story of Noah, probably explaining the conflicting years.
  • Rain can be seen leaking through the roof into a pot on Grandpa's head but, when he gets up to leave the room the stream of rain has stopped.
  • When Harold throws the paint at Rhonda it was blue at first then turned green.
  • When Phil was blowing up the rescue raft the color changes from orange to yellow between scenes.
  • When Oskar blows up the rubber raft he picks up the opposite end where Phil was blowing up and the air hole appears.
  • When Harold was crying over the food locked inside the fridge, His eyes are white instead of light-yellow.
  • Mr. Simmons switches the second and third lines of the first verse of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

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