The Green-Eyed People (or Green Eyes for short) are a fictional group of characters from the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


As mysterious tribe living somewhere in the jungles of San Lorenzo, The Green Eyes are apparently fairly advanced. Their relics seem to often include emeralds.

However, they have kept themselves a secret from the civilized world for years. They have only shown themselves, albeit partly, to adventurers Miles and Stella, with whom they have cooperated and asked favors of before. They have asked for the return of a sacred relic, La Corazon (which Miles and Stella respectfully didn't uncover), whisking it away as soon as their rescue party had their backs turned.

They are also responsible for delivering Abner to the Miles-Stella wedding as a gift, giving Miles a pendant, perhaps as a symbol of him and his wife being accepted as members of the tribe and guiding Stella to a safe place (one of their temples) as she was about to give birth. They were also once afflicted by a potent disease, to which Stella found the cure and passed it on to them.

It is presumed that they are also aware of Arnold's name and existence, as one of them managed to witness his birth, and said "Arnold" to himself before retreating into the jungle. The Green eyes tended to use a particular stone monument as the "drop off" place for the things they requested of Miles and Stella.

The Green Eyes may also be indirectly or perhaps even directly related to the disappearance of Miles and Stella, as they were summoned away by a plea for help from the Green Eyes.

According to an interview with Craig Bartlett, the Green-Eyes think that Arnold is divine, because when he was born ("The Journal"), he silenced all of nature, and because of the coincidence of the shape of his head with their architecture and design motif. The Green-eyes also think very highly of Miles and Stella, because they've all saved each other's lives before, many times. When the Green-Eyes meet Helga ("The Jungle Movie"), they are so impressed with her ferocity, they think very highly of her as well.


  • The are no green-eyed Amerindians in the real world. Which makes the Green-Eyed People even more mysterious, since their origin is most likely different from the rest of the native population of America.

Appears in

The Journal.

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