The High Life is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Gerald tries to make money by selling Wacko Watches, but when he sells them to everyone, Gerald's stuck with a load of watches and no one to buy them.



  • We learn that Gerald's middle name is Martin, his father's first name.
  • Among the kids in the arcade are Maria, Gloria and Steve.
  • Mr. Wacko was voiced by Jamie Farr, he also played Klinger on the TV series M*A*S*H.


  • The credits spell Gerald's last name as "Johanssen" this time, even though Gerald's business card says "Johanssen".
  • At the end, Gerald's father has gone back to wearing a non-Wacko watch.
  • Ernie wasn't credited, yet he had a speaking part.
    • They probably reused a "Boom!" from a previous episode, so there was no need to credit him.

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