Chapter book 6. The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is one of Hey Arnold! chapter books.

It was written by Craig Bartlett and Maggie Groening, illustrated by Tim Parsons, with cover by Tuck Tucker, and Teale Wang.


Weird things keep happening on the corner of Bermuda and 9th, until Arnold and Gerald discover that it's the hideout of a magician on the lam, tricked by his assistant into helping her rob a bank. When the assistant attacks Arnold and Gerald, the magician rescues them, reveals the assistant as the true bank robber, and disappears.

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Something very strange is happening on the corner of Ninth Street and Bermuda Street. Kids are getting into bizarre accidents, groceries are vanishing into thin air, and weird voices are being heard. Are they just mere coincidences, or is someone responsible for these mysterious events? Join Arnold and Gerald as they set out to solve this haunting mystery.

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