(Arnold and his friends built a wooden pig and are hiding in it while

Grandpa pulls it to the "British" fort)


Are you sure this is gonna work?


Look. It worked on the Trojans because their enemies knew they were tired of all the fighting.


It worked on the Trojans because the Greeks knew when to keep quiet.

(after Grandpa wheels up a giant wooden pig as a surrender gift)

Rex Smythe-Higgins

Savor this moment, grandson, when your enemy surrenders. Open the gate!

Gate Opener

Sir, there is a certain historical event I think we should consider.

Rex Smythe-Higgins

Your job is not to consider! Your job is to blow the hunting horn! Now open the gate!
(the gate is opened and Arnold and his friends run out of the pig as soon as it is inside)

(After Smythe-Higgins crashes into a tree branch.)

Rex Smythe-Higgins

Oh, curses! You minion: Cut short this foul hemlock which hath so offended me!


Sorry guv'nor, I don't understand ya when you talk all fancy like that...

Rex Smythe-Higgins

Chop down the Bloody tree, you idiot!

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