The Sewer King is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


While Arnold goes out to bring Grandpa his golden watch back from the store, he sees a gigantic hole being dug for new sewer pipes at a construction site. As he looks down it, the watch falls out of his pocket and into the sewer. Now, Arnold and Gerald must go down there to retrieve it, only to find that it's in possession of the Sewer King.


Arnold accidentally drops his Grandpa's watch into a manhole, and goes in it to get the watch back. There he and Gerald meet the Sewer King, who wants to keep the watch as his "royal icon". After going through the trouble of retrieving the watch (using games of chess) and evading capture by a vengeful Sewer King, Arnold gets the watch back to Grandpa, only for Grandpa to accidentally drop it down the drain. The Sewer King, depressed at the loss of his "royal icon" is pleasantly surprised to have it land in his hands, while Arnold is dejected to learn that Grandpa keeps a drawer full of spare watches just in case one gets lost.




  • At breakfast, Arnold is eating something from a box marked "Bacon And Eggs", which has "recommended daily allowance" of "Sludge Factor 7".
  • In the jeweler's glass case is a display of "Squatch" watches.
  • This appears to be the first episode in which someone outside of the Pataki family says the word "criminy", in this case, Grandpa utters it near the end of the episode when he drops the watch down the drain.
  • Grandpa is seen skinning potatoes in this episode.  In "Veterans Day", he is seen skinning potatoes again during the WWII flashback.
  • David Lander is the voice of the Sewer King.
  • The Sewer King isn't just a one-time Hey Arnold! villain. He also appears in the sequel "Return of the Sewer King", which is one of the chapter books.
  • Chess champion Boris Spassky was mentioned in this episode.
  • While playing chess with the Sewer King in order to win Grandpa's watch back, Arnold reveals himself to be a first-rate chess player, swiftly beating the Sewer King multiple times.
  • When Gerald and Arnold run out of the sewer tunnel into the street, there is graffiti on a wall across the road that reads MR. BIG. The name "MR. BIG" is likely a reference to the nickname of Bert I. Gordon who is well known for his low budget B-Movies that he made during the 50's with making normal animals and people look larger earning him the nickname "Mr. B.I.G.".
  • This episode aired the same day that Bill Clinton was inaugurated for his second term as U.S. President.
  • Coincidentally enough David Lander, Francesca Marie Smith and Sam Gifaldi (along with Jordan Warkol and two other cast members from Recess, which a couple of the kid voice actors from Hey Arnold! also appeared in) had minor roles in the 1998 animated film "A Bug's Life".


  • Sid screams when Harold picks him up, however Sam Gifaldi didn't voice Sid (as Sam had a higher voice during Season 1) and the voice actor who did the scream is not credited.

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