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Character on Hey Arnold!
Timberly Johanssen
Occupation1st Grade Student
FamilyFather Martin Johanssen
Mother Mrs. Johanssen
Brothers Gerald and Jamie O
Best friendsUnknown
RelationshipsCrush on Arnold (Timberly Loves Arnold)
Voiced byAvriel Epps
Francesca Marie Smith
Timberly Johanssen is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

Timberly is Gerald and Jamie O's little sister. Jamie O is nice to Timberly more than his brother Gerald, whom he usually bullies. Her innocent actions often cause Gerald to get in trouble. She is voiced by Avriel Epps.

Age Inconsistency

Different from all of the other children in the show, Timberly seems to be the only character who ages across seasons. In her first appearance, it was said that she is four years old, but in later seasons she is already in the first grade.

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