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Character on Hey Arnold!
Tish Wittenberg
Tish Wittenberg
FamilyHusband Jack
Son Tucker
Cousin Connie
Unnamed Brother-in-law
Best friendsHelga
RelationshipsJack Wittenberg
Voiced byCathy Moriarty

Tish Wittenberg is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

She is Coach Wittenberg's wife — and one of his toughest opponents. She was the coach of a girls' bowling team (with Helga as captain).

Ever since her and Jack were young, they would constantly compete. Until one day when Jack threw a game of air hockey between them. and according to Tish, ever since, they've been "like this".


  • It is unknown whether or not she is Tucker Wittenberg's biological mother.
  • It is possible that her cousin Connie is the same character who appears in 6th Grade Girls and Phoebe Skips, made more likely due to their similar features; Blond hair, similar nose and eyes.

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