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Character of Hey Arnold!
Occupation4th Grade Student
FamilyTorvald's mother
Best friendsPossibly Mike Smedvick
Voiced byMichael Bacall

Torvald is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

Torvald is thirteen years old, and the oldest student of PS 118's fourth grade class. He is good at being a fourth grader; he's been doing it for the past three or four years (it beats joining his friends in Juvenile Hall), and is also one of the most feared students in the school, being a part-time bully and problem child. And he was held back one more year than Harold was. While not shown very often in the series, he is revealed to have a good heart; he cherishes his mother dearly, and would never want to do anything to hurt her, even reputation wise and emotionally (Big Gino). It is also likely that he corrected himself and moved ahead in his schooling as the series went on.

Miss Slovak assigned Arnold his "study buddy" in the episode "Tutoring Torvald". Although it shows he is bad at remedial math, he is able to show off his intelligence when it comes to getting the correct money from his victims (he actually thought it was just "business" the whole time). In "Mudbowl" he's on Arnold's football team as a secret weapon, however he sprains his ankle during a running play and is out for the remainder of the game, cheering on the sidelines.

Torvald's address: 86th Street, 4040 ("Tutoring Torvald").

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