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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Tour de Pond
Tour de Pond
Season 1, Episode 24a
Written by: Rick Gitelson
Air date: November 24, 1997
Don Del Grande's

Tour de Pond is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold and Gerald enter the Tour De Pond boat race, and face competition with Rex Smythe-Higgins III, whose family has won ever since Rex's grandfather cheated and beat Arnold's Grandpa 70 years ago.



  • Prior this episode, Rex Smythe-Higgins III has won the Tour de Pond competition 4 years in a row.
  • Grandpa and Rex Smythe Higgins have another confrontation in the episode "The Pig War".
  • The episode title could be a reference to popular bicycle race Tour de France, an annual bicycle race since 1903.
  • The race is being sponsered by the "Hobby Hut" this could be a reference to retail arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby.
  • The Smythe-Higgins own the town park.


  • In maritime terminology: The S.S. prefix in ship names stands for "Steam Ship". So technically, Grandpa putting "S.S." in his sailing ship's name is inaccurate.
  • Rex's boat is called the hydroplaner 4000 but, it is a model of a cruise ship and not a hydroplane.

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