Trash Can Day is a tradition of P.S. 118 were the 5th graders put 4th graders into trash cans or dumpsters which Arnold and the gang can avoid if they go to Mrs. Vitello's flower shop but plenty have failed due to it being 8 blocks away.

Students who have been put into trash cans

  • Joey Stevenson - Being put into a trash can by a 5th grader in the hall way.
  • Iggy - A trash can being put on top of his head and escaped.
  • Thaddeus "Curly" Gammelthorpe - Being put into a trash can by a 5th grader and escaped.
  • Stinky - Canned himself when trying to hide from the 5th graders which he realized was rather ironic.
  • Sid - He got canned after being in a basement and jumping on the generator, even though he avoided a 5th grader, one snatched him and escaped.
  • Eugene - After being thrown back by Harold, Wolfgang puts him into a trash can and escapes.
  • Harold - After being left behind on a bus and escapes.
  • Arnold and Gerald - Both stuffed in the trash can after being betrayed by Mickey the Weasel.

Appeared in

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