Tucker Wittenberg is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

He is Coach Wittenberg's son, who plays on the YMMA basketball team with other students from P.S. 118. His father is shown to be highly favorable towards Tucker while coaching leading the coach to force all the other players to play by a single rule, "Pass the ball to Tucker." Coach Wittenberg punishes any player that does not abide by this rule, including Arnold who does not pass the ball to Tucker during a game. All this causes most of Tucker's teammates to resent him and their Coach. Though many believe he has no stress, Arnold soon saw that Tucker did have problems. As he watches Tucker practice by himself, he sees that he has trouble shooting free throws. While watching Tucker practice, its seen that that Tucker begins to stress at the thought of his father saying "Don't let me down son". Showing that Tucker's constantly pressured by his father to be the best. After seeing Arnold do one with ease, he explains about his personal pressures with his father. Arnold decides to coach him a bit by showing him to "trust the ball". After some several practices, he learns to let go of his stress and shot better free throws.

However when his father asks if he learned it all on his own, Tucker, to impress his father, lies saying he did it all on his own, much to the personal displeasure of Arnold because he didn't gain the Coach's respect for it and was still benched. Realizing that he had put down his friend, Tucker fakes a sprained arm and gets his father to let Arnold take his place. After watching Arnold and the others play better as a team, and with Tucker's encouragement, Coach Wittenberg learns to let them enjoy themselves and play the game.

Strangely, Tucker isn't seen or even mentioned in the series after his debut episode, while both his parents continued to appear in the series. Most notably, he was absent during his parents' second wedding in "Best Man". This was amended in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, when he finally reappeared.

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