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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Tutoring Torvald
Tutoring Torvald
Season 1, Episode 13a
Written by: Joe Ansolabehere
Air date: October 28, 1996
Don Del Grande's

Tutoring Torvald is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


13 year old Torvald, who is still in the fourth grade, is not good at math, and Ms. Slovak decides to assign a tutor to him. Of course the unfortunate student turns out to be Arnold.

At first Arnold is quite confident, but then he witnesses how Torvald threatens Brainy for one dollar he owed to him. As agreed, in the afternoon Arnold starts tutoring Torvald, but it is not particularly good. Torvald can't solve Arnold's problems and has no interest to learn math. Even when Arnold explains why mathematics can be important in professional life Torvald is not convinced.

In the evening Arnold visits Torvald at his home, and meets his mother, who tells Arnold how good Torvald has always been at school. Arnold is taken aback, because he knows Torvald only as a bully, and nothing at school seems important for him. Torvald's mother shows Arnold a picture drawn by Torvald, for which he got a C. When she leaves to go to work, Arnold and Torvald go into his room. Torvald still does not want to learn, and Arnold, enraged and feeling that he's wasting his time, leaves to go home. Torvald follows him and apologizes. Arnold offers to help Torvald to get one C if he promise not to beat his friends anymore, and Torvald agrees.

After some unsuccessful attempts Arnold notices that Torvald can calculate quite well the problems that are related to what he's doing in the real life. And Arnold thinks up appropriate tasks. Torvald becomes more and more confident. However, on the night before the test Torvald is not so much assured.

Next morning he does not show up at math. Only when Arnold gives his work to Ms. Slovak, Torvald comes into the class and starts his own work, and when all the other children have already done it, he's still calculating. But in the end he gets a C+.



  • Arnold's classroom is Room 206.
  • When Miss Slovak decides to assign Torvald a study buddy, all of the kids gasp except Helga.
  • When the kids pray that they won't be selected, one of them can be heard saying "Now I lay me down to sleep...". This is one of the few depictions of Christianity in the series.
  • Torvald lives on 4040 86th Street; Arnold lives on 4040 Vine Street.
  • Joey's name is mentioned in this episode.
  • When Arnold first arrives at Torvald's house, a gunshot and a person screaming can be heard in the background which suggests a shooting or murder has occured and that Torvald may live in one of the "bad parts" of Hillwood.
  • First appearances of Torvald and Miss Slovak.


  • Drawings done by grade schoolers are not typically graded.
  • Sid and Rhonda switch seats between the first scene and the test.
  • Arnold switches from his left hand to his right hand when taking the test.
  • While getting a C+ Torvald's mouth doesn't move when he says "plus"

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