Well, after a user (who I won't name, as it seems they realized what they were doing) made a political statement in a message, recently, I believe I should give a briefing on politics. I'll start broad: keep politics to a minimum. I'm not trying to silence anyone, but this isn't a political discussion forum, and I want to avoid comment wars (that often leads to two-party blocking). When editing, if forced to mention politics, remain as neutral as possible. When commenting, if you wish to, say, draw comparisons to current events, please refrain from doing so (but you can fight me over non-partisan current events mentions). I may be forced to block users who go too far (for a period of time). Still, where accepted, please discuss politics, because it's important to discuss it. Now, I think the we all know specific subject I'm referring to. For example, when discussing whether of not someone like Polk was a good President, just try to keep debating the annexation of Mexico out of it. Make it historical, not political. Now, for those replying to the accepted comments, unless you have something factual to add, please try not to reply (at least, to that part, per se). Now, just generally expressing your political philosophy is acceptable just do it n a respectful way, and, again, keep current events outta it, even as vague as "the state of America, today." Well, thanks for reading, and have a good night!

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