Teen Arnold (from Hey Arnold)

An artist's rendition of Arnold as a teenager made over a decade ago.

Back in 2003, I found this image of Arnold as a teenager. But this is just an artist's rendition of what Arnold could look like if he was teenaged.

In my opinion at the time, this was the coolest picture of Teen Arnold I have ever seen.

Unfortunatel the artist behind this picture is currently unknown. The website this originated from is also unknown, I cannot remember the URL since this was back in 2003 that I found this and I don't know if the website still exists (if so we could find out who the real artist is!) It is still to this day one of the best Teen-Arnold pictures I've seen and my most favorite picture of Arnold as a teenager!

This image was used as a signature image on a former message board called Nickdisk (back when it was (don't click this URL, see Nickdisk Reloaded)) This image was also used on Tripod, this page more specifically

If this image wasn't saved to the Tripod website, this excellently done image most likely would have disappeared forever. But now, this image of teenaged Arnold now has another website, that being Hey Arnold Wikia (this is also to increase the chances of this image being found through Google Images.) 

Although this isn't my picture, and I'd like to know who did this, this image, I decided to save it and repost it on this site so that others can see it too, and so that it could be easier to find on Google Images. And maybe the artist behind this will reveal him or herself, if s/he desires to. And I want this picture to last and never disappear from the internet.

I would like to post this on Deviant Art, even acknowledge this isn't my picture but somebody else's, but just to be on the safe side, I'd better not! I would like to do artwork based on and modelled after this.

But this is an outstanding picture of Arnold as a teenager and should be preserved forever. Craig Bartlett may not have had this design in mind, plus Arnold's blue cap is missing, but this is still a great design and better than anything I would have come up with!

Although Arnold may never appear on TV again, except for the long awaited and over-due Jungle movie, Arnold will forever remain alive in our hearts!

(If this blog post in unacceptable, it will be moved to my message wall.)

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