Weird Cousin is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


The episode opens with Arnold and Lila at the movie theatre, where they check out several of the latest releases. Despite his excitement to see a movie with her, Lila tells Arnold that she only likes him as a friend and not in a romantic sense. Arnold is shocked and can't believe the news, thinking it makes no sense. Later that day, Arnold finds out that his (presumably maternal) cousin, Arnie, is going to be staying with him for the next four weeks, to which he runs home.

Arnie's revealed to be an odd and seemingly idiotic individual, who doesn't get along with anybody in the boarding house during a dinner. During his tenure, Arnie takes up his days attending P.S. 118, to which he is immediately disliked by all for his odd mannerisms, save for Lila, who starts to develop a crush on him. Despite attempting to be friendly to him, Arnold is upset that Lila likes such a disgusting individual such as Arnie more than the likeable and friendly person he is.

Helga notices this and tells Arnold not to be upfront about his crush and to play "hard to get". Arnold attempts this, but Lila continues to fall for the misguided Arnie, causing Arnold to be greatly frustrated. Near the end of the episode, Arnold confronts Lila about her crush on the oddball and in response, Arnie breaks up with Lila. Arnold tries to comfort the sobbing Lila by putting his hand on her arm, but she tells him to stop and reminds him that she only likes him as a friend.

Upset once again, Arnold sits discouraged. Arnie then strikes up a conversation with Helga, who screams loudly, ending the episode.



  • When Helga says: "Oh Arnold, what is this thing called love?" you can clearly see in the background a cloud resembling Arnold's head shape.
  • The title of the horror movie "Evil Twin II" is a reference to the Evil Dead series. However the movie itself appears to be a slasher film with a chainsaw weilding serial killer akin to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Motel Hell.
  • In this episode, we learn the Sunset Arms house rules:
    • No children (Arnold's obviously an exception).
    • No smoking.
    • No long showers.
    • No loud noises after 9 PM.
  • In the movie theatre, the Jolly Olly Man, Mrs. Vitello, Sheena and Brainy can be found sitting next to each other.
  • Stinky tells Arnold "your no Dapper Dan". Dapper Dan hair pomade was used as a fictional hair pomade for the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? which released 14 months and 13 days after this episode.
  • In this episode, we actually see what Helga's toenails look like up close, as up until then, the animators never drew nails on their toes or fingers.
  • Arnold tells someone to "Shut up" for the first time (Stinky).


  • Arnie says his hobby is counting things, yet he is never seen counting anything in this episode.  However, in "Arnold Visits Arnie", he can be seen counting candy in the General Store during Arnold's dream/nightmare.
  • Rhonda's shoes switch from "high-tops" to "low-tops".
  • When Arnold was about to rub Helga's foot, Helga took off her right shoe, but when Lila and Arnie walk in the bus, we see Arnold rubbing her Left foot instead.

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