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Episode of Hey Arnold!
What's Opera, Arnold?
What's Opera, Arnold?
Season 2, Episode 39b
Air date: January 4, 1998
Don Del Grande's

What's Opera, Arnold? is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Mr. Packenham takes the 4th grade class on a field trip to see the opera "Carmen", and while Arnold falls asleep and dreams of him and Ruth, Helga dreams of getting rid of Ruth and having "Don Arnold" for herself.


  • This episode may have been inspired by the 1957 Warner Bros. cartoon, "What's Opera, Doc?". The Michael Maltese story features Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny through a 6:11 operatic parody of 19th century classical composer Richard Wagner's operas, particularly Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung) and Tannhäuser.
  • In Helga's dream sequence, where she parodies Elmer Fudd's character in "What's Opera, Doc?", she reveals her weapon to be a "golden magic slingshot".  A little later, Gerald mentions that he thought the weapons were suppose to be a "spear and magic helmet"; these were what Elmer Fudd claimed as his weapons in the Looney Toons short.
  • Toran Caudell's voice for Arnold returns in this episode as a singing voice.


  • In the last episode of Season 1 (Arnold's Valentine), Arnold clearly loses all the feelings that he had for Ruth; however, in "What's Opera, Arnold?" (end of Season 2 ), Arnold is suddenly depicted as having a crush on Ruth again. This continuity error is possibly due to a re-sequencing of episodes.
  • In one scene, Robert's hair is colored black instead of blond.

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