World Records is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold and his friends attempt to get a world record and into a world records book.


Arnold and his friends are reading the book of world records and are extremely enthusiastic about the many records. That is, all except Helga, who takes over the whole thing as silly. Prodded by Helga's slander, Arnold wants to set a record to be printed in the book. Together with Gerald, he begins looking for a record he could break.

First, they try walking backwards, but after they discover that the record is over 8000 miles, they give up and seek a different record. So Arnold tries to keep a ball up in the air with his head and that fails as well. Harold and Sid suggest trying to break the record of not taking a bath for the longest period. However, this is also fails after the boarders attack Arnold and Gerald with water, soap and sponges.

Helga taunts them about not being able to break a world record on their own. Arnold agrees, to Helga's surprise, and announces that they need more kids. Arnold builds a huge pyramid of the 4th graders, but Eugene buckles under the pressure and it collapses. Arnold's next attempt is the longest ever game of "Crack the Whip". However, Eugene again buckles and crashes out of the whip. Arnold then tries breaking the record for the most kids mounted onto one bike. The bike ends up going out of control down the street where it crashes into a recovering Eugene.

All is going bad, which forces Harold and Brainy to quit, but then Arnold comes up with the biggest record of all...the world's biggest pizza puff! All is going well until Sid tells everybody that he put in too much baking soda. The giant Pizza Puff explodes, sending pizza sauce all over the city. Gerald announces they have tried everything, that nobody is special and that they will never break a world record. At that point, Arnold runs off with an idea.

Everyone in town begins to clean off the sauce left by the explosion until Arnold yells to everybody. The people from the world records had responded to a letter he wrote and said that they were going to put a record broken by them in the book.

They had broken the record for the many attempts to try and break a world record!




The World's Biggest Pizza Puff Hey Arnold! The Splat03:03

The World's Biggest Pizza Puff Hey Arnold! The Splat


  • One of the world records kids is Franny Caudell, who shares names with two members of the cast with the first name being shared with Francesca Marie Smith, voice actress of Helga, and the last name being shared with Toran Caudell, who was Arnold's voice actor for Season 1 and would later be the voice of Wolfgang.
  • Phoebe has encyclopedic knowledge of Italian sauces.
  • Helga makes a reference to Don Quixote when she says "How many windmills have to knock you on your butt?"
  • For being such a smart kid, Arnold seems to have trouble with one word: Saskatchewan. He pronounced it "sas-uh-CHOO-in," which Helga points out.
  • Sid can be seen rolling the pizza in his briefs (despite everyone else having their pants or shorts on).


  • Oskar's shirt changes when he says "Look out, she's going to blow!"
  • It's impossible to walk all the way from Santa Monica to Istanbul, as they are separated by water. However, it is possible the record meant that the distance walked was equal to the distance from Santa Monica to Istanbul.
  • In the end, when everyone is cheering, Nadine's hair is brown.
  • In one of the shots when all the kids are on the porch of the boarding house, Arnold's shoes are white. In the very next shot, they are black.
  • When the pizza puff explodes, the molten sauce and ingredients would likely badly burn those who became covered in it.
  • In reality, a representative from the agency of world records must be present while the record is attempted.
  • After Helga asks what Arnold and the others are reading, Harold's eyes are white instead of a light-yellow.
  • When the bike is seen coming towards Eugene, Joey's color scheme is the same as Eugene's (white shirt, orange hair, blue shorts, white skin).
  • When Arnold shows the letter to the other kids, Sid's hair is fully colored in.

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